Financial Reporting

A fast, effective system for monitoring and managing business performance.

Your accounting system contains valuable data, but not in the format required for business decision-making. Unlock this value with our financial reporting system.


How It Works

  • We import the data from your accounting system, such as MYOB or Xero,

  • Then identify the key profit drivers and develop your customised reporting format, and

  • Deliver your customised reports direct to your inbox each month providing important insights about your business


What Do Our Reports Include?

  • Financial Dashboard – a visual overview of your business financial performance

  • Key Measures – sales, COS, gross profit, overhead costs and net profit presented in both numbers and charts

  • Cashflow Reporting - accurate cashflow reporting that tracks every single dollar of cashflow, so you can see exactly where your money is going

  • Actual to Budget - compares actual results to budget targets, and identifies variances

  • Year to Year Results - year on year P & L reporting to track performance over time

  • Forecasting - a forecast P & L statement and cashflow budget


This is the information needed to accurately assess business performance, plan for the future, increase profits and improve cashflow.

Take advantage of our one month free trial - for a limited time only. Contact us today to find out more.


“I love the work that you are doing … every business should be doing that!”

Mike, CPA and Chartered Management Accountant